Self-care is on-trend in a big way and many ways. Candles and facemasks. Spa days and beach cabanas. Netflix and Uber Eats. Meditation and Yoga. Shopping and Sunday brunch.

Pick your potion.

The message is everywhere, from wall art, with sayings like “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you,” to wellness wine branding and subscription boxes filled with candles and fuzzy socks. Marketers want you to know it’s all right to give your body some pampering and your mind some rest.

And who doesn’t want to take time for themselves?

I like…

Like a narcissistic lover, going no contact with cheese is the only way out.

As a health coach and plant-based nutrition educator, I find that people are very willing to give plant-based eating a try– until it comes to cheese.

“The first thing you should do,” I say, “is give up dairy products.”

“No problem,” the people say. “I don’t even like milk and yogurt, and I can go without ice cream.”

“And cheese,” I say.

“Say what?” say the people. You heard me.

“I can’t live without cheese,” they say; as if their cheddar knows their soul.

I take…

Debbie Ingram

Debbie is a health coach and author. She writes on health & wellness, mental health, and relationships.,

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